VAIL Technologies, LLC provides functional and technical expertise to our Department of Defense (DoD) customers across the entire business capability lifecycle. We specialize in providing architecture, systems engineering, software development, and acquisition management services to help our customers efficiently build new systems and optimize business operations.

Strategic Consulting

VAIL Technologies has proven experience in analyzing and understanding complex business or mission challenges and developing operational concepts and plans to improve organizational performance and efficiency.

Our employees have a broad range of skills and experience that uniquely qualifies them to approach client challenges with a holistic perspective, integrating multiple disciplines to ensure complex projects are designed and managed efficiently and effectively.

Enterprise Architecture & Portfolio Management

We provide skills and knowledge to implement a blueprint (e.g., strategic decision support system) that can be used to formulate business strategies and investment decisions.  VAIL provides in-depth knowledge of various architectural frameworks, modeling notations, and tools to fit the needs of any enterprise architecture program.

VAIL provides highly experienced DoD Level III certified acquisition program managers to support executive level clients with acquisition life-cycle support. We are experienced with managing both large (Acquisition Category I and MAIS) and smaller (ACAT III) Information Technology programs throughout the acquisition life cycle. VAIL Personnel have worked extensively with the Joint Staff JCIDS process, and with the Army acquisition community to formulate Army input to the new Business Capability Lifecycle (BCL).

Architecture Data Migration

It can be a daunting and expensive proposition when an organization decides to migrate their enterprise architecture practice from legacy applications to industry leading tools. Preserving investments in enterprise architecture often involves more than just a straight conversion of data from one architecture tool to another. It likely also involves:

  • conducting meta data analysis to understand how data in the legacy tools should fit into the target environment
  • data wrangling from multiple legacy sources
  • data cleansing and normalization prior to migration into the target environment
  • transitioning to new architecture methods and convention

VAIL has proven and cost effective approach to address these challenges using its enterprise architecture migration tool, SAARIS, streamlined methodology and an adept workforce with experience in data science principles and skillsets, including (but not limited to) Python, R, and Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) Processing.

To support requirements of this nature, VAIL Technologies can be sole-sourced as an SDVOSB to provide this capabilities, to include our proprietary SAARIS code, in accordance with FAR 19.1406.

Data Analytics & Integration

VAIL is highly experienced with multiple information technology environments and development frameworks. Our analytic capability includes utilizing industry-leading Cloud-based solutions (such as Amazon Web Services) and software (such as Tableau and coding platforms such as Python and R). We have developed software-intensive systems for multiple functional areas. Our team provides the capability to extend functionality of COTS to designing and developing custom applications to meet constantly evolving, complex business and mission challenges. We are experienced in developing advanced ETL, prototyping, and CASE tools to improve integration and quality of enterprise architectures and enabling more efficient and effective portfolio management.

Aircraft Manufacturing

VAIL Technologies is currently manufacturing NightHawk aircraft designed to support both manned and unmanned missions.

To acquire the NightHawk platform, VAIL Technologies can be sole-sourced as an SDVOSB in accordance with FAR 19.1406.